Wednesday, April 20

this is just like

i blew my nose on my hands and stopped myself before wiping them on my jeans
i thought that would have just been too pathetic
i have two different chats open and I’m lamenting
now i’ll talk about a band i like
it’s obvious i have no plans

here are two messages somebody sent me
when i deleted them as a friend

i have two different folders for hairstyles i like
on my desktop’s computer

are these sneakers too dirty to wear
i have two different tabs up
one is the picture of that afghan girl on national geographic
the other is a picture of some girls from high school
this isn’t a poem i’m not going to put this anywhere
because nobody cares
about my tabs
i bit my cheek and couldn’t help but think that nobody is going to come over tonight
and it’s 10:12 pm
your hair takes a long time to dry
it will be a while before you can go to sleep
my seventh grade science teacher told us she used to be an exercise freak
at the grocery store my basket had only vegetables
i couldn’t help but think about how i am probably very attractive
to someone

1 comment:

  1. i care about your tabs bro

    grocery store #realtalk