Wednesday, January 26

friend showed this to me >>>

Tuesday, January 18

Monday, January 17


brought a quiche for lunch in the first grade

accidentally flashed everyone at seventh grade pool party

accidentally flashed everyone at roller skating birthday party

used strangers' photobooth applications to take pictures of myself

used said pictures for strangers' computer wallpaper

used strangers' computers to open tabs of myself on all social networking websites i belong to

every time i've ever used the term 'world wide fame'

barfed in the dorm elevator on valentine's day, called everyone i know to profess my lovelessness

every time i've ever barfed

every time i've ever professed my lovelessness

Sunday, January 9

crybaby the movie

teaser trailer of our full length project coming in march. topics included are how to be in a successful band, avoid embarrassment, make up your own genre, get people to take you seriously and gain popularity without compromising your integrity. featuring interviews with joyride, young prisms, shredder girl, and more. song by joyride. download their songs here: []