Wednesday, December 8

final reflection rhetoric 260 fall semester 2010

As with most things I do that requires adhering to authority, I was initially hesitant with this class. I assumed it would be another writing class that would undermine my RAW TALENT. In reflection, I think the success I experienced in this class totally affirmed and solidified my decision to transfer schools. This course encompassed everything I wanted that I didn’t receive at SFSU. The course was challenging and at times I even felt like I was floundering to meet deadlines, which was exciting. I like to think I employed healthy levels of stress this semester, even if I did email you at odd hours of the evening claming to have had “a nervous breakdown”. To be honest sometimes I employ dramatics solely as material for my forthcoming novel / #1 bestseller. But that’s another story.

I was really impressed by your dedication and organization, not to mention how interested you seemed in our papers and progress in the course. I wanted to put as much time into writing as you did into grading. Your feedback was always impressive, thorough, and thought provoking. But I digress; I think this is supposed to be a reflection about me.

Deadlines used to be my arch nemesis and I could never really figure out how to finish a piece of writing once I had started it. I have total neuroses when it comes to submitting and showing people my work, but being able to practice my writing in mediums I wouldn’t normally take upon myself has given me more confidence to pursue "writing as a career". Not to mention I practiced flexibility in my writing skills to advance my pursuits and launch me into world wide fame.

Is it okay that this reflection is so colloquial? I feel like it should be okay. “Writing as conversation”.

Basically in my revisions I tried to make my language much more concrete and definitive. I wanted to sound like the supreme authority on the topics I was writing about. I think you’ll notice that I took your suggestions and removed a lot of vague/abstract sentences and replaced them with more concrete information. I’ll save the abstractions for my Gertrude Stein phase (crossing my fingers). As far as paper #4 goes, I feel like I should tell you I think it’s a miserable failure. I hope I didn’t come off as some psychotic lunatic. Definite heavy handedness when it came to political comments. It should be known that I am fairly apathetic when it comes to world affairs and politics. I only like reality television. Just kidding. Okay really though I think this reflection is far too casual but I am just going to “go for it” and consider it experimental non-fiction. Thanks for teaching such a good class. Really, it was awesome and I don’t think you could have done a better job. I would have liked to see more "heated class discussion" but that’s subjective. If I ever go into teaching I hope to employ your relational skills amongst other redeeming qualities. I was really impressed. And I am not easily impressed. In fact, I mostly hate everything.

So look for me in the New York Times Book Review or something, I’ll mention you in my extensive list of people to thank for my fame.


Tuesday, December 7

you are dancing to soulja boy

you are not being ironic about it because you know the words and even though your stomach feels acidic like it’s burning a hole in you you keep jumping up and down and changing the tempo of your jumping/skipping in place to correlate with the beat of the song.

pretty boy swag pretty boy swag pretty boy swag

you are sitting on top of someone’s bed next to a pair of dirty underwear that are still injeans.looks like they evaporated out of their clothes, and you are laying next to them wondering where they went. people around you are drinking four loko out of cups. girl keeps talking about its offensive flavor which is funny at first but she abuses the phrase then falls out of a chair and onto the floor.