Saturday, April 25

lifetime movies

this is a poem about lifetime movies and women "freaking out all the time"

Friday, April 24

after a burrito

my next poem will be called "guys in bands"
there are a lot of things i want
like a spoonful of peanut butter
is it possible to degenerate
in funniness

my joints

ache it is due to lack of exercise i presume, which is okay but really the whole 'idea' of 'exercise' is frustrating. i woke up and thought 'today i feel weird' and also 'mainstream media is frying my brain'. these thoughts will be the theme of my day. i want to eat my roommates' ice cream but this would be Bad Etiquette On My Part.
you know things are bad when you have been flipping through all of the channels on your television then stop and see a great looking man, but he's actually on jerry springer. and he's a registered sex offender trying to get his wife back. that is very strange, television sets are so 'empty' and 'desolate' and make me feel the same way. the thought crosses my mind at least twice a day that if i involved myself in a 'serious relationship' my 'self-esteem' would greatly improve. other times i wish i had so much homework to do i had to hire someone to do it and then we'd become great friends, and also be 'on the same level' most of the time. 
it just occurred to me that one of the funniest things of 2008 was when i emailed my oceanography professor at the end of the semeseter and told him i just didn't 'get it' and his teaching methods eluded me to the point where i could not grasp his notion of 'curriculum', so he gave me a B instead of a D-. he just gave it to me.

Thursday, April 23

burnt orange peels

often i am overwhelmed by the possibilities The Internet holds, but am thankful i am able to change my outfits in between classes. some are not so fortunate. 

Tuesday, April 21

good things

it's unbearably hot in san francisco; i'm pleased with the climate and other things.
when i listen to the velvet underground, i wonder what "the point" is. i wonder when they are going to get to "the point"

Monday, April 20

sometimes i feel like glenn close's character in "fatal attraction"

barack obama just said the way he runs the country is he just "ignores the politics". he really is a dreamy man. 
i know it's a low point in my life when "4/20" precedes my schoolwork. i would be letting myself down if i chose to get stoned when i ahd essays to do.
my toenail's going to fall off. how disgusting.

Friday, April 17

this is all about superficial things

today i was talking about taking the bus home but then my friend let me borrow her car which i feel really weird about. i was driving in it and felt so weird, since i never drive. driving gives me anxiety. 
the movie "obsessed" with beyonce knowles and ali larter is going to be good. 
how do people not like sarah jessica parker as carrie bradshaw? hopefully my husband will be just like all of her boyfriends combined.
one thing i just thought of while eating chips and guacamole, even though i'm really not that hungry: 
i don't really "get" trader joe's. how can they package things like 'fresh' guacamole, and it actually says 'fresh guacamole' on the container? it's obviously not fresh, but it tastes all right. what sort of "thing" does trader joe's have going on? i just don't get the "bottom line". i think one of my favorite actresses is the girl on the show 'the king of queens' or 'queen of kings' or maybe it's a whole other title entirely. 
i should start taking public transportation more often but isn't that dangerous? i look like kind of an easy target. vulnerable. 

Thursday, April 16

in revenge for my burning i burned the whole world and was warm for a little bit

i heard this and it struck me in an unimaginable way, then i listened to a more uplifting song and these feelings went away. is that a metaphor for fake feelings? actually, metaphors are not real things, especially "coca-cola kisses", from that song, but i think that's a simile, that is fake and the way i feel listening to a song is fake. 

Wednesday, April 15

if i can't be drunk

i am trying to "write a novella" titled "pink church" and that is why this is called that, to motivate the writing process. now i am pretty sure i am still in The Thinking Stage, but since i seem to have been in this stage for a very long time now i am wondering where the step is that will take me into The Planning Stage. i don't think i believe in these stages and sometimes wish there was a formula, but that is my general feeling towards most things. i started writing a story where one character said "love is an infant" which at the time i thought was very witty and quite the accurate metaphor for the context and then i read it and felt very stupid. i am always reading things over and feeling stupid about them. i also feel like i should get a gmail account, because it is "cooler" and has "more capacity". i am pretty sure i can hear somebody vomiting from outside of my window.