Wednesday, July 22

maybe i'll eat an avocado

i should save more change!
i should eat more vegetables!
seems like i always eat fruits!
i should light more candles!
they make me feel at ease!
i should physically write things down on pieces of paper more often than i do now!
i should use more conditioner on my hair to make it feel softer!
i should bring my dog to parties all the time!
i should eat more vegetables.

i am really craving a steak right now

i just ate two donuts
oops i got some glaze on my sweatshirt

Tuesday, July 14

"my wife and i met at a suicidal tendencies concert"

today the ups guy came into my work and told me to stop texting, that my bosses had told him to watch me because i texted too much. he said i was in trouble and i think he was really serious. he had a hot drink from starbucks and i wanted to push him into the shelves and tell him to get back to work. his exact words were "keep an eye on you"

Saturday, July 11

a poem about boyfriends

someone said they saw me on a bus and were waving but i didn't notice i was running away from home at the time
i had a lot on my mind
someone on the bus was reading a magazine with michael jackson on the cover
i have been watching a lot of videos on the internet of him
during which i felt sadness, indifference, empathy, and a strong desire for worldwide fame
someone covered "i want you back" on the ukulele
it was good i guess
i just wish it was me
some things seem unattainable

Tuesday, July 7

i feel like i am going to write more book reviews in the future
i feel like i am going to stop deleting things
and ripping pieces of paper into little bits
i feel like my hair is getting longer
i feel it

Sunday, July 5

i want to kill everybody when i'm drunk
"alcohol is the devil"
i don't believe in god, but a lot of things are the devil
i'm not drunk right now, if you were wondering
i flossed my teeth today and it was one of those days where you realize you were performing a standard routine incorrectly your whole life
 'i am mature now'
i have no patience
unrelated to anything, but still true.
i was serious earlier; i want to ichat with somebody
the bubbles are aesthetically pleasing
they comfort me almost
one thing that is bad:
since my two front teeth are fake, from a bicycle accident last february, they can't whiten like normal enamel, using chemicals. i drink a lot of coffee, or maybe just a general amount, i don't know. but the real kicker is that i fear my teeth turning a horrible shade of brown and i won't be able to do anything about it.
i think my nine year old sister said a racist comment today
but i'm not sure
she says a lot of things
is my sister a racist
my eyes are focusing and unfocusing