Wednesday, April 20

i am getting anxious and whatever but ok so
i started to write poems lol not really jk yeah i did

they're like the emails i write basically but in a word document

so i figure that's what poems are
i have a lot of tabs open
i owe some money to certain places

i am chatting with two different people right now

no wait three no wait two
i feel like pretty weird i guess
i want to snooze with someone just like sleep
so i really don't get what everyone's deal is it seems so hard to be social and stuff and
i don't know haha

in class today i opened all the blinds all the way open and i think the sun made me lethargic and i almost
fell asleep
and some other people did too
i think it was the sun for real though
i think the blinds should always be down so we don't all wish we were outside

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