Sunday, April 17

joyce carol oates at books inc on tuesday april 12

it was a moving experience she is ethereal but i was stoned

i haven't read much of her stuff i just like to say her name in unusual or uncalled for moments that it seems funny to me but only me

joyce carol oates

i couldn't discern between when she was reading from her book or just talking

seems relevant

she mentioned saul bellow, john updike, other canonized 20th century writers, in casual anecdotes that made it seem as though they were her very close friends and i really believe it

she wore a light pink sweater tied loosely around a mauve turtleneck sweater, i don't think mauve is the right word

so yeah i haven't read much of her stuff just rape: a love story which i liked a lot

i was stoned forgot to mention so the experience was really an experience you feel me

made a friend in line as i was waiting to get a book signed, not one that i bought but one i brought it was an anthology i got it for christmas

also yeah haha i was like "i adore u" and talked over her a lot in a loud and garish voice

the other night i talked to someone on the phone and they were like "can u talk at a lower register please"

it was then i finally knew i had serious problems

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  1. lol...damn...grinned big time in the computer lab reading this. joyce carol oates.