Sunday, February 20

listening to bravo playing softly in the other room

"i heard she's not eating and when she does she's throwing up"

saturday night live

drinking beer out of this wax cup "it was a slow death"
today i dranked so much coffee and talked about oakland and

Wednesday, February 16

23 and mission sat 12 2:55 pm - m4w

Date: 2011-02-15, 4:42PM PST i was standing talking in my phone and you pass and we have an eye contact you have black jeans blouse and black boots slim body beautiful eyes i wish to have the pleasure to know you let me know please i have been thinking of you

Tuesday, February 15

"She is a non-conformist, and proud of it. She feels that in her town people are either stuck up or narrow minded. She enjoys reading comic books! and is a big fan of indie music. The show featured her crush, Bryson, who often wears the brim of his hat flipped straight up or sideways."


it is good to go to parties

people might remember you if you say funny things

refer to my diagram "how to meet people"

if you want to have more friends you have to go to parties
if you give a mouse a cookie oh wait i already said that

just make sure not to change the music because people like have this thing they like
called vibes

they like to maintain

their vibes

omg this guy keeps looking at me

reading from james franco's book in a commanding tone at a séance in the night time

first of all it's windy and

second of all i am a big fan of

serious literature

and third of all who am i who are you lol jk about that part

amy hempel is thanked in the introduction "to the teachers"

what the hell

Friday, February 11

i hate poetry and poems and omg you're so dumb


once i tried to play rihanna's 'rude boy' on the guitar in front of my ex boyfriend he said i got really good at guitar but like


i made him cry in a good way we were putting sandwiches into our mouths and talking about dead people

sometimes i think i am a clairvoyant and i want to be the person who writes people's resumes

i can build up your self esteem if only you'll let me

so anyways today i was like should i jog or not i decided not


if you give a mouse a cookie he'll want to video chat and then

okay what i meant to say is i'm willing you with my brain to chat me now because i have a funny story to tell you and when you said i could sleep over at your house i was thinking no but i said yes

people laugh at the things i say but i think it's because i stopped washing my hair and it makes me

look more grunge

and that's pretty in right now

i wanted to talk to you about the time you touched my face at a party you kind of held my cheek for a while

i go to a private university and i'm the most alternative girl there because i dyed my hair green over the weekend

wait do you mean nirvana the band or


i wanted to tell you that i really liked your band but i wish you'd just like i don't know hang out with me my dad said i'm not superficial

i think my roommate is having sex and knocking things over

this calls for some sit ups


my friend tweeted brunettes are better than blondes and i cried is this true someone please affirm that this is not a fact

is this a fact

is there anything to live for

Tuesday, February 1

couples i've seen today (january 31 2011)

1. hip young attractive people on the J. the girl was performing a clawing/petting motion to the guy's back. the girl and i made eye contact. i had trouble discerning my attractiveness relative to their presence.

2. older couple wearing what appeared to be an array of patagonia and north face outerwear, holding each other on the streetcar platform. their stance as well as their clothing seemed to protect them from all elements. seemed safe. i smiled at them because they looked perfectly complimentary to each other.

3. young urban couple in a white mustang, singing and dancing to a rihanna song on the radio. claps at the appropriate junctions. i might have been "beaming" at the sight of their fun.

4. overly affectionate girl on escalator with effeminite young man. his eyes were party closed with what looked like an annoyed facial expression. she was on the top step of the escalator and had to bend down and lean into the boy in order to embrace him. she perched her head on top of his shoulder as they ascended. he kept his hands in his pockets.