Friday, April 8


i let three busses go by before i got on one on account of it being crowded there was a man screaming shouting really like over and over like super loud and stuff

headline: chowchilla kidnapper gets parole date: 2022

anyways what i was saying is that if we didn't all have the good sense to look away and pretend it wasn't happening, wouldn't we be shouting at the top of our lungs too?

there was soemthing else i was about to say oh yes it's so disquieting not wearing my glasses

ok this is what i heard yesterday i'm totally serious about it lol if you will

"he taught me power chords"
"oh i like power chords"
"yeah i don't remember everything he said but i remember some things. he taught me this one nirvana song, smells like teen spirit"

this is like pretty funny to me am i the only one

also another thing i saw this girl carrying a box of mountain dew and i think the flavor on the box said SUPERNOUN lol i swear

it also said things like LOW CALORIE DIET NO CAFFEINE NO CARBS

here are the things i won't eat

other marshmallow things like peeps
cocktail weenies
most sodas except root beer and diet coke but sometimes i don't even like the taste of diet coke i just like holding the can as an accessory
cheeseburgers (i used to love them i know it's crazy!!!!!!!!!!)

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