Sunday, April 3

my opinion of the movie "going the distance"

ok so drew barrymore is "31 and an intern" (her words, not mine) at the new york sentinel. it's a summer internship and she must go back to stanford to "finish up her masters" (her words, not mine). while in new york she not only sets the top three records for an obscure arcade game at a local bar with a bartender who hosts trivia night and spits expletives in a cute yet abrasive manner, but meets justin long while playing said game.

they instantly hit it off, frolicking in the beach, going canoeing with their friends, and often repeating the sentiment "i'm having fun", usually preceded by "too bad i'm only here for [incrementally decreasing number of weeks]

she goes back to california and he stays in new york. at the end

***spoiler alert***

she wants to give up a job in san francisco to move to new york to wait tables oh and also be with justin long. in what seems to be an unusually rapid unfolding of events he convinces her that she should follow her career and not move to new york to be in a relationship with him. i am pretty sure that is the end of the movie, oh wait no, they meet at an indie concert when he moves to LA so they are still kind of long distance but not as much.

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  1. wanted to see this movie because the character's name is "erin" and i wanted to find out if qualities of a person carry in a name, even if it's fiction.