Wednesday, April 15

if i can't be drunk

i am trying to "write a novella" titled "pink church" and that is why this is called that, to motivate the writing process. now i am pretty sure i am still in The Thinking Stage, but since i seem to have been in this stage for a very long time now i am wondering where the step is that will take me into The Planning Stage. i don't think i believe in these stages and sometimes wish there was a formula, but that is my general feeling towards most things. i started writing a story where one character said "love is an infant" which at the time i thought was very witty and quite the accurate metaphor for the context and then i read it and felt very stupid. i am always reading things over and feeling stupid about them. i also feel like i should get a gmail account, because it is "cooler" and has "more capacity". i am pretty sure i can hear somebody vomiting from outside of my window.