Friday, April 24

my joints

ache it is due to lack of exercise i presume, which is okay but really the whole 'idea' of 'exercise' is frustrating. i woke up and thought 'today i feel weird' and also 'mainstream media is frying my brain'. these thoughts will be the theme of my day. i want to eat my roommates' ice cream but this would be Bad Etiquette On My Part.
you know things are bad when you have been flipping through all of the channels on your television then stop and see a great looking man, but he's actually on jerry springer. and he's a registered sex offender trying to get his wife back. that is very strange, television sets are so 'empty' and 'desolate' and make me feel the same way. the thought crosses my mind at least twice a day that if i involved myself in a 'serious relationship' my 'self-esteem' would greatly improve. other times i wish i had so much homework to do i had to hire someone to do it and then we'd become great friends, and also be 'on the same level' most of the time. 
it just occurred to me that one of the funniest things of 2008 was when i emailed my oceanography professor at the end of the semeseter and told him i just didn't 'get it' and his teaching methods eluded me to the point where i could not grasp his notion of 'curriculum', so he gave me a B instead of a D-. he just gave it to me.

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