Friday, April 17

this is all about superficial things

today i was talking about taking the bus home but then my friend let me borrow her car which i feel really weird about. i was driving in it and felt so weird, since i never drive. driving gives me anxiety. 
the movie "obsessed" with beyonce knowles and ali larter is going to be good. 
how do people not like sarah jessica parker as carrie bradshaw? hopefully my husband will be just like all of her boyfriends combined.
one thing i just thought of while eating chips and guacamole, even though i'm really not that hungry: 
i don't really "get" trader joe's. how can they package things like 'fresh' guacamole, and it actually says 'fresh guacamole' on the container? it's obviously not fresh, but it tastes all right. what sort of "thing" does trader joe's have going on? i just don't get the "bottom line". i think one of my favorite actresses is the girl on the show 'the king of queens' or 'queen of kings' or maybe it's a whole other title entirely. 
i should start taking public transportation more often but isn't that dangerous? i look like kind of an easy target. vulnerable. 

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  1. i feel similarly about trader joes

    have been reading your blog for maybe 15 minutes but i have to get ready for work, i like your blog a lot, will read more of it