Wednesday, April 20

something real!!!!!!

i am the new associate editor of titular journal. send me things to read and it will be awesome. thanks to reynard seifert and jimmy chen. this is cool. things will be cool forever i am pretty sure. this is a real life update instead of some weird vague post that i didn't think anyone really read but i guess some people do.

to celebrate this momentous occasion i've 'unearthed' former blog posts from maybe a year ago or maybe recently, i am having a hard time remembering. you can read these unearthed blog posts below they are in an order that has no order. who cares does anybody

hehe okay but for real, titular!!! so good. i think i need to start writing more coherently if people in the world read these words with their eyes. i'm sorry for breaking the fourth wall. i am really sorry


  1. congratulations sara!
    celebrate with pizza with cheese
    titular-journal is a good publication
    i like the TV reviews