Wednesday, April 20

unpublished drafts

i love having a humongous desk
i never want to leave it

i’m getting a new chair tomorrow

it’s leather and totally perfect

well nothing’s totally perfect but you know what i mean

also i feel like a sign of youth is a projection of unrealistic expectations

does that make sense? i wrote that today in my journal

my diary

my notebook

my whatever

"Life is sad. Here is someone."
I think a lot about children. If it is better to have them or dogs. Both can run away, I suppose, but children can sell your family heirlooms for drugs and throw parties in your house when you’re away. Children can betray you, tell you they don’t love you and that they want to live with dad.

I went downstairs the other day to see the tile shower crawling with mildew. Things like that, mildew and dirty dishes and mail piled up for a month or more, makes me resent holiday cards and that new Kleenex commercial. Like, what does that even mean.

Like, what does that even mean?

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