Friday, February 11

i hate poetry and poems and omg you're so dumb


once i tried to play rihanna's 'rude boy' on the guitar in front of my ex boyfriend he said i got really good at guitar but like


i made him cry in a good way we were putting sandwiches into our mouths and talking about dead people

sometimes i think i am a clairvoyant and i want to be the person who writes people's resumes

i can build up your self esteem if only you'll let me

so anyways today i was like should i jog or not i decided not


if you give a mouse a cookie he'll want to video chat and then

okay what i meant to say is i'm willing you with my brain to chat me now because i have a funny story to tell you and when you said i could sleep over at your house i was thinking no but i said yes

people laugh at the things i say but i think it's because i stopped washing my hair and it makes me

look more grunge

and that's pretty in right now

i wanted to talk to you about the time you touched my face at a party you kind of held my cheek for a while

i go to a private university and i'm the most alternative girl there because i dyed my hair green over the weekend

wait do you mean nirvana the band or


i wanted to tell you that i really liked your band but i wish you'd just like i don't know hang out with me my dad said i'm not superficial

i think my roommate is having sex and knocking things over

this calls for some sit ups


my friend tweeted brunettes are better than blondes and i cried is this true someone please affirm that this is not a fact

is this a fact

is there anything to live for

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