Tuesday, February 1

couples i've seen today (january 31 2011)

1. hip young attractive people on the J. the girl was performing a clawing/petting motion to the guy's back. the girl and i made eye contact. i had trouble discerning my attractiveness relative to their presence.

2. older couple wearing what appeared to be an array of patagonia and north face outerwear, holding each other on the streetcar platform. their stance as well as their clothing seemed to protect them from all elements. seemed safe. i smiled at them because they looked perfectly complimentary to each other.

3. young urban couple in a white mustang, singing and dancing to a rihanna song on the radio. claps at the appropriate junctions. i might have been "beaming" at the sight of their fun.

4. overly affectionate girl on escalator with effeminite young man. his eyes were party closed with what looked like an annoyed facial expression. she was on the top step of the escalator and had to bend down and lean into the boy in order to embrace him. she perched her head on top of his shoulder as they ascended. he kept his hands in his pockets.

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  1. In-the-city couples are always so interesting to watch. I met you at the deafheaven show at fivepoints and didn't have a computer to find your website. Be my friend?

    -Jeff Roman