Friday, June 26

i got a check today in the mail

it was from my school and i don't know why they gave it to me but i said "cool", and i'll go shopping maybe
i think it'd be important to be more of a self-starter, a go-getter, etc
really good things recently have included a free membership to the movie rental place in redwood city where they have genres of the week that are 7 day rentals for $1, it's awesome and cool. not as cool as the library where it is generally just free anyways. i don't know, other things make it cool too.

i should get contacts, and not just because i saw this really cool looking contact case in a store on laurel street today. it had cat eyes on it and, i don't know, just looked like "if i have to have bad vision i might as well have corrected vision every day and also keep my contacts in this cool case at night"
i like things that you can carry around in cool cases. sometimes i'd just prefer to have something i don't really need, but with a cool case. i just think that makes a big difference.
the thing about my vision is this: i can hardly see straight sometimes, and i used to have a lazy eye when i was six or seven, and i wore an eyepatch over my glasses. i always tell people that suddenly i had corrected vision and didn't have to wear glasses anymore. i think i just stopped wearing them and my parents didn't notice because i was self-conscious or something. i don't know, or maybe an optometrist really did tell me that i didn't need glasses.

in high school i got glasses again. i am one of those people who never knew they desperately needed glasses, but kept hitting things when driving cars. i had no clue it was even possible to see the leaves on trees.

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  1. i got a check too..but i gave it to my dad, because i am guessing it was his money in the first place...but i really should have kept it. i am regretting it now.