Friday, June 26

i am taking myself really seriously right now

Janet Reno is riding her bike so fast, like the tour de france but faster, she thinks, because she’s passing cars and hardly stopping at any stop signs. “I think I’m dead right now” she thinks, at the intersection of a moderately busy commercial street on the way to get to where she lives. If Janet Reno died she would want the velvet underground to play all the time, just because they seem like the absolute most appropriate. You know, ethereal, maybe. Desperate. “Such a perfect day,” Janet says out loud, yelling sort of, pedaling her bike and standing up a little bit, she isn’t wearing a helmet and feels reckless. There is a red blinking light clipped to her pants to warn the drivers of her presence. Janet Reno has already had a hairline fracture in her forearm as the result of carelessness. She thinks she forgot how to ride a bike, for a few minutes, and that’s when she crashed. It was traumatic and bloody, there was a lot of blood.

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