Wednesday, May 27

today i bought "best american short stories 1999"
i already have the 1992 edition
i like this series
1999 is all marked up, underlined, circled, bracketed
seems 'ghostly'
i also bought some pink converse, a book called "a guide to confident living", and i stole a glasses case that doesn't even fit my glasses. this feels like some sort of backwards retribution to me. some notable chapters in "a guide to confident living" are
III. How to Get Rid of Your Inferiority Complex
VII. Forget Failures and Go Ahead
X. How to Avoid Getting Upset
XIII. Change Your Thoughts and You Change Everything
when i showed my brother my new shoes he said, "pink converse?" and i said, "yes is that bad"
he said, "pink converse?"
i said, "why are you saying it like that, is this bad"
he said, "well, you converse."
in new york i drank coffee in a cafe that was a grocery store at first but you had to walk up the stairs above the market that sold produce and basic general items to get to the cafe that served coffee, also salads and sandwiches. upon drinking the coffee i said "mm, tastes good"
my dad said it tasted like cleaning supplies
i thought it was just "new york coffee"
they made us a new pot
i brought home scented candles for my father and almost set his home on fire; he is not mad
notable exchange:
"i bought some fish oil supplements today, and i am going to eat them all at once"
"i'm distracted"


  1. I just want to say I think you're beautiful. I was looking for the San Carlos library (where I live) and I found your blog. Strange. It was what I really needed at the time so maybe God kinda likes me today. Coincidence overwhelms me sometimes. Rachael

  2. same thing happened to me regarding new york coffee, except it was my mom not dad and i made the observation, and i think i actually said 'industrial strength cleaning supplies' and they made a new industrial size pot that tasted the same.