Wednesday, May 27


i want to write a research paper and maybe compile a power point on my little sister. she is the most fascinating person i have ever come across and i enjoy her company more than anyone else's. she says things like "what in the world" and "eggsellent" and recently started referring to everyone as 'dudes'. she gets this from my brother and i, i think. "you're just a bunch of teenagers," she always says. we watched 'i am legend together' and now thinks the phrase "I WAS SAVING THAT BACON" is applicable to all situations, because at one point will smith says that. it's funny. it's hilarious. we took a trip to the east coast and there was this chat feature on the plane. you could invite anybody from any seat to chat with you via the television screens on the back of the seats. she told me about her fat friend who is mean and never does her homework. i suggested she might have problems at home that contribute to her obesity and lack of attentiveness in school. she said "maybe"
22C: sarz Has joined this chat session
22F: teel hello
22C: sarz ok what's up
22F: teel non
22C: sarz you speak french
22F: teel no
22C: sarz non is french i think
they should have planes for dogs
22F: teel really
i know
what's a giant to a giant
22C: sarz is that a joke
22F: teel is what a joke
22C: sarz what's a giant to a giant
is there a punch line
22F: teel no i'm just asking
22C: sarz that's an interesting question

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