Thursday, May 21

i have nothing to do for three hours

i can never go back to the san carlos library 
i owe them 34,000 dollars
just kidding
that would be funny if it were true
funny in a sad way, maybe, i don't know
seems like they'd take you to jail if that were a real situation 
listening to french music makes me feel whimsical
and sort of cultured
but i just downloaded it on the internet
and i'm just sitting in my room
in america
that doesn't make me cultured, i don't think
i'm going on a double decker bus tour in new york city with my family
does that make me cultured
i think it will be fun, despite my apprehension at first
'that is sooooooooo touristy' is what i told my dad
'we are tourists' is what he said
sad realization, wish i was a native to every place
does anyone want to read this
i don't think so
i'm hungry 
i'd like a steak


  1. i want to read this

    you could write me a letter

  2. i sent you an email
    send me one back