Wednesday, May 20

Comptine D' un Autre

i finished two papers today that i have to turn in tomorrow, i'm scared to read them
actually reading a book now that i wrote a paper on, should have read it earlier, it's a little bit interesting surprisingly
i'm sick of talking about papers, this isn't even interesting, nobody wants to read this
my eyes hurt
i think i will be embarrassed by the grades i got this semester, it's unfortunate they are a direct reflection of your worth as a human being
roommate is getting me taco bell. she asked me how hungry i was and i said 'mildly interested in food'
i think this is true in most cases
she will surprise me with a menu item, i wonder what it will be
i love summer goals and personal development specifically
i bought a denim jacket today
i wrote "jean" at first then changed it to "denim", i think it sounds better
i'm going to new york on friday at 5 am
cool, great
taco bell was closed, shoot
my first year of college is over, is that definitive in any way
i thought taco bell was open twenty four hours
we're getting cheese pizza instead
i can never go back to the library, i owe them $34,000
haha, just kidding

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