Monday, November 29

things i thought were funny at the mall today

the food court was fucked up

the shoe displays at macys were fucked up

best friend and i decided to buy matching slippers for each other and our other best friend, couldn't decide on a good style, then decided all slippers are bad

drank smoothies on a chaise lounge in cost plus world market

had a successful conversation* with person from high school who was working at victorias secret. said 'good sales' and 'great deals' ~5x

made best friend pose in front of nordstrom with a starbucks holiday cup so i could take a picture. got pissed when girls got in the frame, turned out we went to school with them. had a conversation full of laughter and only one failed joke.

successfully ignored someone by looking down at my cell phone seriously, very seriously.

*successful as in: no bad jokes were made, transitions were seameless, exit route well planned and executed. ("i'm going to go look at that underwear, nice chatting")

smoke weed every day

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