Sunday, October 31

what i did the last three halloweens

i was a college freshman and really into drinking vodka. went as a 'cokewhore'. many people did not think i was dressed as anything and expressed concern for my bloody nose. i remember thinking 'i am the only person dressed up'. jumped out of a window at a party because the cops came.
this was the year the bay bridge was down and BART was running all night. went to berkeley with five or so friends. partied at a co-op. seemed cool, had a great time. 'reckless abandon' comes to mind. pictures turned out good.
it's a sunday night, so this halloween involves doing homework and reading things on the internet. probably going to sleep early. the night before i dressed as 'the antichrist' or something, and felt a lot of regret the next morning. like, i am 'actually' going to hell now.

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