Monday, October 18

fictional characters from movies or television i can relate to based on personality, appearance, and mannerisms

aldys - never been kissed
leelee sobieski plays a nerdy, cynical, and secretly cool teen. i myself sometimes feel nerdy, cynical, and secretly cool. the only thing is i would never be a mathelete. unfortunately in movies 'smart' people are 'all around smart'. she probably reads a lot of tolstoy and can also do ANOVA tables in her sleep, or something. i wonder if she takes any prescription drugs.

lelaina pierce - reality bites
the instances i feel most like lelaina pierce are when she can't define irony in a job interview or when she spends a week smoking pot and hours on the phone with a psychic. i feel like i would do this. i do not feel like lelaina pierce when she 'can't handle' that her best friend is in love with her and has to choose between two fairly good-looking men, a seemingly endless struggle that ends with her choosing the one who's more literate.

laney boggs - she's all that
like myself, laney boggs is a motherless child that cares for her 'wacky' 'out-there' 'atypical' family, consisting of her dad and brother. the similarities end here as i do not paint and i am not a 'secret hottie' working an embarrassing yet endearing part-time job. i can't escape my stereotype or 'rise above' as laney did in the end (spoiler alert).

annie hall - annie hall
annie hall is ethereal and feminine but does not dress that way, an attribute i can loosely apply to myself. she’s totally neurotic but not as much as woody allen, which makes them probably the best couple in film history. she likes to smoke pot before sex and is a little wild, in a bookish way. also she is a really bad driver.

annette hargrove - cruel intentions
reese witherspoon in cruel intentions doesn't have much in common with me except maybe our haircuts, but i admire her prudishness and reslience. she wears minimal makeup. falls in love by playing 'hard to get' which seems like a good way to approach things in the 21st century.

lisa simpson: obviously

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