Monday, June 8

here is some stuff i am going to do

be more specific
get into potential marathon shape, i think it would feel fulfilling to complete a marathon but probably a half marathon 'realistically'
not letting reality impose upon limitations
******five hundred sit ups********
writing down my dreams because i always forget or neglect to remember they were dreams. like sometimes i have dreams where people are being mean to me or doing things i'm displeased with then i am angry with them in real life, it's irrational
i am going to organizing my project into fruition if you are interested send me an email it will be a zine collective and i think the hardest part will be making copies because i fucking hate the people at kinkos/fedex office
but on that topic, yes, the project, fruition, etc
but then again maybe my dreams are 'trying to tell me something', does anyone believe in this theory, why or why not


  1. interpreting dreams is not worth the inevitable stress that analysis will bring.