Wednesday, June 10


i finished this book in two days which is unusual for me sort of but maybe because i haven't read a novel in a long time. i partly felt like i had to read it fast like when people say they read a book in a day it makes me feel like i should be doing that to be more of an "avid reader", or speed reading is required to be called "a person who reads a lot of books". when i read short fiction i like to take a lot of time to read it and read it over a few times because the third time i read something is usually when i really "get it". i don't know if that's true i don't really know exactly why i said that anyways.
okay so, the book. it was 256 pages. now that i say that maybe it was three days.
the words i would use to describe this book would be "sweet" and "kind of funny but sad also". it's about a young girl, maybe 10 or 11 or 12 i'm not sure if it's ever really specified, but she has two sisters and a brother and is very poor and lives in new york. her family's garbage piles up in her house because they don't have personal garbage disposal which i guess you have to have in new york. she is friends with a hot dog vendor who gives her hersheys bars and her brother wears a blue silk robe, she says "fuck" a lot and a scene in spain is involved and i think she also has a dog. like i said it is "sweet" and "kind of funny but also sad" and would encourage somebody i know on a moderately intimate level to read it.

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