Friday, May 29

just tell me if i should be worried about your drinking habit

today we sat at a coffee bar
they had many different kinds of beans
we sat at the corner table

we communicated through writing only
in the notebook you bought at safeway
we were there for an hour
you said you felt wired
you said you felt drunk
from the coffee, i guess
the beans were ground right in front of our faces

we walked around for three hours
trying to find pizza
i said 'damn' and 'jeez'
because of the heat, and because of the walk, and because last time i saw you
you were wearing the same shirt

we found tacos
i got coke in a bottle
it was refreshing and i wanted four more

we got more coffee
then you went to work

Patty Duke played Hellen Keller
in the movie Hellen Keller
"the greatest actress" said my sister
her eyes were closed
she put her hand to her chest
"The Greatest Actress Ever"


  1. i like these a lot, especially the first one

  2. whoshellenkeller?July 2, 2009 at 4:25 PM

    drinking habit, shmrinking shmabit.