Friday, May 8

if my eyes are burning does that mean i'm tired
or i should stop looking at the computer
blogs are like the new 'thing'
i feel anxious about writing in one, also about putting stories somewhere public it's like i'm bragging. if you were a nurse or a  doctor or computer technician you wouldn't really have anything to brag about, except if you were a doctor i guess. also nurses can also brag sometimes but i'm talking about like community college nurses who i think do pretty basic procedural stuff that is boring and involves numbers and charts, i'd be no good at that. i'm a leo, so i like to brag i think that is why i want to be a writer, because i am a leo and i like people telling me that they enjoy what i do. i think i need affirmation all the time or constant attention, are those two the same things.
i know if i just say what i feel like it's whatever, because it's just what i'm saying and i shouldn't be embarrassed but it's like being in a cover band, if you suck it's not embarrassing, actually it's better if you suck because then you can be, like, a "funny" band and people will want to hang out with you. 

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